Water Damage Mitigation Austin

This is the process of minimizing water damage and Mitigation Water Removal in the property from water or any disaster involving water.

Austin Water Damage

Our company is the obvious choice for water damage mitigation for the people in Austin.

Categories of water

IIRC defines three different categories of water that affect commercial and residential buildings.

Clean water

The water that comes out of the tap or broken faucet gets defined as category 1. It does not get infected with harmful chemicals or bacteria. But when the water reaches the floor, it will affect the drywall, wooden floor appliances, and carpets in the area.


The water coming out of your washing machine or it has some harmful bacteria is considered category two water. You should avoid dealing with such type of water by yourself and call our expert technicians to provide you with relief and satisfying services.


The water with harmful viruses and bacteria or the water from the clogged drain and sewage gets classified into category three water. The authorities and health specialists suggest that people avoid such water splashes as the tiny drop is enough to cause allergy and infection on your skin. It can also cause terminal illness in the people who are around such water.

Leak Repair

The water damage mitigation process starts with repairing the leak or stopping the flowing water, causing damage to the property. Regardless of the building set, the first and foremost thing is to stop the water flow that is causing damage to the property. Our technicians start providing mitigation services right away. And we repair any leak and open the clogged drain to save you from harmful effects on your health and the property.

Analyzing and assessment

The next step is crucial to all the mitigation processes. Our expert technicians assess the situation and provide the best damage mitigation plan to save your property from collateral damage, Mitigation Water Removal, and define the ways and procedures to minimize the impact of water on your property.

Water extraction

The next step I to remove all the water from inside of the property with the industrial-grade pumps and robust tools that will stop the spread of water in the property, and you will get the chance to save the dry walls, floors, and valuables inside from the collateral damage and devastation.


Once all the valuables get removed from the area and all the water has gotten taken out, it is time to sanitize the entire room with powerful and safe to use chemicals. We focus on the material that is safe to use for humans and pets but is robust enough to kill all the germs and bacteria and provide you with safety from the harmful virus.


Our technicians use a moisture detector and robust heater to remove all the hidden water molecules that could create swelling in the mould or mildew creation area. Our professional processes help us keep the property safe for the residents and workers in a residential and domestic property.

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