Slab Leak

A slab leak is a term in the water damage industry, which means a leak under the slab on your floor, causing damage to the foundation, floor, and walls. Sometimes the owners don't get the faintest idea about the slab leak, and the whole building is compromised, and they realize it when there are cracks in the walls or a sinking foundation because of the moving soil. The hot water in the slab leak causes more damage and is the catalyst to increase the speed of damage and danger to the people inside the building and the property itself.

Water Leak Damage Austin

We are the top-notch leak detection company in Austin with working experience for over a decade. Our technicians are certified and trained to use modern devices in slab leak detection or find out the leaking pipe's location without causing any damage to the property. We have won the hearts of people in and around Austin for the past ten years. Our vast number of satisfied customers' reviews have allowed our reputation to stay ahead of the competition while offering water damage repair in Austin.

Signs of a slab leak - Water Damage Repair

Various signs are depending upon the intensity of the leak and the types of slab material; the most common ones are:

The hot area on the floor - Slab Leak Repair Services

When there is a significantly hot area on the floor that is different in temperature from the rest of the floor, this is a sign a leaking pipe exists. This leaking pipe is providing the slab with scorching heat water to make you realize that now it is time to call expert technicians to take care of the issue and save the property.

Damp carpets - Water Removal Services

The damp carpet and stale smell in the area are a sign that the water underneath the floor has found a way to come out and drench the carpet in water. You need our expert technicians to save the health of the family members and pets in the house. This is because the carpet is where your kids and pets spend most of the time inside the house. Our technicians reach your location within the least time possible and save your property from damage and devastation.

Running water sound - Water Damage Austin

When you hear a running water sound in the area, and the intensity keeps increasing near the floor, this is the cue for the slab leak. The running water sound is the cue for the pipe leak or burst on some higher level. Without wasting any minute, call our technicians right away. Because if you wait for some time, all the soil under the floor will wash away, which can be catastrophic for the building, and it might get declared as un-inhabitable for the people.

Cracks in the wall - Water Damage Restoration 

When without any reason, you notice there are cracks in the wall. These cracks are because of the running water under the wall that has washed the soil and base. When this happens, the wall is a constant threat to the people in the facility. Call our technician, and without wasting minutes, we will keep your property safe and secure for you and everyone inside.

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