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Smoke removal is the trickiest job in the fire damage repair and restoration services. When you call smoke removal services, you want some technicians who can protect you and your family in-home or your people in the commercial building. Sometimes the technicians use harsh and strong chemicals that prove to be more harmful Thant the smoke itself. This is why you must call the expert services providers who use safe and soft chemicals for humans and their pets but are harsh on the chemicals and harmful particles of smoke residue.

Austin Water Damage

Our company has been there in business for more than ten years in the industry. Our customers know that when they call our services, they get an emergency response with urgency with high tech equipment to analyze the damage and check the chemical requirement that will be necessary to remove the smoke film from everywhere in the house or office. The soft and porous material will absorb and hold more smoke particles and will give off a foul stench all the time. Your draperies, upholstery, and furniture absorb the smoke, and their restoration and removal of the harmful particles are necessary to save the health of the people inside the building.


Fire Smoke removal

There are various smoke types that your building suffers when firing outbreaks in your commercial or residential building. The smoke doesn't stay in the same area or room in the building. It will keep affecting all the things placed inside the area. The smoke will also create fine film throughout the building, and it will generate a tarnish texture on the ceiling floor and everything inside. The film will keep giving off a bad smell, and it can harm the health of the people by affecting them with terminal illnesses. Our robust technicians know the difference between all sorts of smoke and know what type of chemical to eradicate the smoke from the facility.

When the fire consumes the wood and cotton, the smoke is not that harmful as there are no poisonous chemicals, but still, it is dangerous enough to cause terminal illnesses. You don't need innovative chemicals; the regular material is sufficient with the standard services we provide to remove the smoke.

But when some plastic and other appliances are involved, the smoke will consist of poisonous chemicals that will stick to the ceiling and walls with everything around, and it will give off toxic chemicals. You need swift removal to save the family member's and employees' lives in case of a commercial building.

Cigarette smoke removal

We are the only service providers that use robust tools, modern techniques, and scientific methods to remove smoke and repair everything inside the facility to make it safe for the people as it was when it got built.

Soot removal

The soot is the stickiest smoke that mostly affects the kitchen and area around it. Our technicians are equipped with suitable chemicals and strategies to remove the soot and save your property from tarnish, rust, and harmful odour.

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