My Crawl Space is Flooded. What is a Crawl Space, and How do I Fix it?

A crawl space is an area in your house that sits directly below the living area. It’s usually used for storage, but can also be where plumbers and electricians can install plumbing and electrical wiring. If your crawl space is flooded, there are a few things you can do to fix it. 

First of all, if you can tell where the water is coming from, shut off the main water supply to your home. If this is not possible, contact a plumber as soon as possible to have the water shut off.

In most cases, you will want to contact your local restoration company to help with any leaks in the basement. If it is a sewage line that has broken, or raw sewage has flooded your home, you should call an emergency restoration company.

If the water does not appear to be sewage, you can start with checking out any plumbing problems in the home. If there are any clogged drains, this can eventually cause the entire floor to flood. You should also look for water in places that are not normal for your home. For example, if there is a pool of water in the corner of the crawl space that is not near any plumbing fixtures, this could mean a pipe is broken.

The next step is to remove any standing water from your home. This may be a little more difficult depending on the amount of water you’re dealing with, but it’s important to make sure the floor is completely dry before you start any mold removal or other restoration services. You will also want to make sure you address any moisture problems in your crawl space. If the water was coming from a broken pipe, you will need to fix this as well. If you notice mold, mildew or musty odors, this means that there’s too much moisture in the area and you should look into installing a dehumidifier.

Lastly, you can consider building a drainage system to help with future flooding in the crawl space.

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