What Are Some Common Effects of Water Damage

What Are Some Common Effects of Water Damage?

Water damage can have several adverse effects on a building and its inhabitants. Therefore, it is essential to adequately understand these effects to mitigate water damage. Some common effects of water damage are listed below.

  1. Structural Damage

Water damage can ruin a home’s structural integrity. Damaged or wet structural components, such as sheathing and portions of the wall framing, can be compromised. If the damage is extensive enough, it can lead to structural failure or collapse.

  1. Mold Growth

Mold can grow on wood, drywall, carpeting, and other materials exposed to excessive moisture. If untreated, mold can lead to serious health problems.

  1. Paint and Wallpaper Peeling

Excessive moisture can cause paint, wallpaper, and other coverings to peel off the interior walls. Additionally, wallpaper can come off the walls more quickly due to increased humidity levels.

  1. Rotting Floor Boards and Shifting Floors

Wood floors can sustain damage if exposed to moisture for long periods. Unfinished floor areas, such as the area under a rug, can become damp and begin to rot. The boards might also warp and swell if the water damage is not treated immediately. If the floorboards are not secured tightly by an experienced carpenter, they can shift and compromise the stability of a structure.

  1. Carpets and Rugs

Carpeting and rugs are often soaked in water during floods. If the moisture is not extracted correctly, these materials can also lead to mold growth. As a result, carpets may need to be replaced, and rugs will need to be cleaned thoroughly before they can be restored.

  1. Health Issues

Extended exposure to moisture, particularly in areas where mold has developed, can lead to respiratory problems and other health issues. If mold has grown indoors, it is advisable to have an industrial hygienist monitor the indoor air quality or hire a professional mold removal service.

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