What Should I Do After a Flood, Sewage, or Water Leak?

What Should I Do After a Flood, Sewage, or Water Leak?

A flood, sewage, or water leak can be a nightmare for any homeowner. But it doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips on what to do when faced with such a situation:

  1. Find out the extent of the damage and get an estimate from a professional before doing anything else. But, first, you’ll want to know how much money you’ll need upfront, so you don’t run into more debt than necessary.  
  2. Ensure your home is adequately ventilated by opening windows and doors as needed. This will help dry out floors and carpets faster while reducing the chance that mold will grow due to excessive humidity levels indoors. 
  3. If there’s been extensive flooding, experts recommend removing wet materials from your house within 48 hours because the longer they stay wet, the more likely they will get moldy. That said, get rid of any materials touching the water that cannot be thoroughly cleaned. In addition, off-gassing from wet surfaces can cause respiratory problems. 
  4. If there’s any standing water, do not use an electrical device in that room or even step into it unless you’re wearing rubber boots or waterproof shoes. Again, this is to avoid potential electrocution and/or shock. 
  5. Contract a water damage restoration specialist to start the remediation process immediately after the assessment is done. They will use professional tools to dry out carpets and other surfaces, mitigate mold issues, get rid of excessive humidity levels, sanitize affected areas to get rid of germs, and determine the extent of the damage so you know how much your insurance claim is going to cost.
  6. Contact your home or renters’ insurance company to start the claim procedure as soon as possible. If you have a homeowners’ insurance policy, it should cover any repairs you need to make. 
  7. Finally, don’t engage in any major renovation projects until you have the green light from your insurance company and restoration professional because they will have to take over once the damage is assessed.
  8. Once renovations are complete, inspect your property one more time to ensure everything is in order before moving back in. 

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