Leaking Faucet

If a leaking faucet gets in collaboration with a blocked drain it will flood the entire facility, and you will have to bear the damage and loss. The leaking taps anywhere will cause tension and burden on your shoulders. You cannot sleep in peace if there is a leaking faucet in your house. Continuous dripping at night becomes unbearable when there is silence everywhere around. And in the office, a leaking faucet will worsen the scene, and your office kitchen will start giving off a stale smell to the main area, and you will need quick relief from such a situation.m and save you from the issue.

Austin Water Damage

We are experts and trained to fix a leaky faucet and stop all kinds of issues, including the shower faucet leaking and sink leaking. Our technicians are trained and certified in providing top-rated services to domestic and commercial owners in and around Austin. We have been providing customers all around with leaking faucet repair in their homes and offices. We provide relief and ease in the present, but instead, we also provide you with safety from leaking faucets in the future by providing you with lasting measures.

Causes of a leaking faucet

There are various reasons for leaking faucets; some of the most common ones get written below:

O ring - Water Leak Restoration Austin

The problem mostly occurs in the cartridge faucet. The O ring is the disc that gets placed in the stem screw. This is the most integral part of the faucet. The O ring is the most used part, and it remains under pressure when you open or close the faucet. If this ring gets damaged, corrodes, or gets out of place, the faucet will start dripping water. Our technicians fix this issue and destroy the existing reasons which caused the problem in the first place.

Valve Seat - Water Leak Damage Austin, Texas

The valve seat is the base point of the faucet where it meets the spout with the help of a compression mechanism. The valve seat has to bear the sediments and water pressure all the time. If there is more water pressure or the sediments have made the valve seat start the corrosion process, it will result in a leak, and you will have to call us to provide you with relief.

Washer - Water Damage Restoration

When there is a dripping behind the faucet, the real culprit in this situation is the washer. The washers get placed where it gets forced against the valve seat. The continuous friction and the pressure from the seat make it worn out, and the eroded place is enough for the water to seep out of it and cause the leak.

Our technicians replace the washer and provide you with lasting measures to keep the washer intact and in place for some extended time with quality and professional services.

Improper Installation - Water Removal

The improper installation of the washer or any part of the faucet will make it start dripping or leaking after a few days or hours of the installation. The leaking faucet signifies a role in the faucet that is not working correctly, and our technicians fix the problem and save you from the issue.

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