Hot Water Heater Leaking

There are various reasons for the water heater to develop a leak. And according to the type and kind of water heater, the leaks and their nature may vary. When you are experiencing a hot water tank leaking or a leaking pipe from the water heater, this is the time to call water leak repair technicians to save your property from water damage and provide you with relief from such situations in the future. Hot water is more damaging than cold water; this is why you need a swift response team for taking things under control.

Water Heater Leak Damage Austin

We are the obvious choice for the people in Austin when there is a water heater leaking situation in town. Our technicians are certified and experienced in handling such problems in the most satisfying ways. We have over a decade of handling such cases in domestic and commercial properties for the owners. Our testimonials of satisfied customers have gotten filled with customers who have saved money in damage repair and recommend our services to their friends and colleagues.

Hot water heater leaking causes:

The most common causes behind a water heater leak are:

Water inlet and outlet connections

When you see that there is leaking water around the heater and the inlet and outlet pipes are wet from the water, this is the cue for this cause. Our technicians will reach your location in the least time possible, and we will tighten the connections or replace the pipelines if there is a fault. We will also look for the causes that have made the connection lose and eradicate lasting measures.

The Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve: 

When the water inside the water heater crosses the temperature limit, or there is enough water inside the tank that might cause some issues, this valve saves the scenario. The temperature and pressure release valve will release some water to protect the tank from getting damaged from overheating or excessive high-pressure water. If there is an issue with this valve, you will see water around the tank, and the source will be visible from the temperature and pressure release valve.

The Heater Drain Valve: 

The drain valve is also at risk of leaking and causes you the pain of leaking water in the area. If you have placed your water heater in the basement, the leaking drain valve is a continuous threat to everything set in the area.

We know the consequences associated with the leaking drain valve. That's why we provide you with full services and lasting measures to save you from such issues and situations in the future.

Leaking Water Heater Tank: 

The water tank is the place where all the water Is stored and heated throughout the whole process. The tank gets made of metal, which is susceptible to corrosion. When the tank gets old, and all the mineral build-up accumulates in the bottom or around the walls, it will start corrosion, and you will have to bear the leaking water tank which is a severe threat to the property and people in the building. We replace the heater most affordably and efficiently in and around Austin.

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