Top 7 Causes of Commercial Water Damage.

Top 7 Causes of Commercial Water Damage.

Commercial water damage can be devastating to the financial health of any business. While you can’t control Mother Nature, knowing what causes water damage and how to prevent it can keep your company afloat and dry.

Here are the top 7 reasons for commercial water damage: 

1) Leaking Coolers/Freezers – These are among the most common sources of water damage in restaurants, but they also happen in other businesses. Many different circumstances can cause these appliances to spring a leak, including broken seals. If you store food, drinks, or perishables in coolers or freezers that have visible signs of leaking, take action immediately to stop further damage from occurring! 

2) Toilet Overflows – Do you find yourself getting frustrated with your office maintenance staff because your toilets keep overflowing? It’s not their fault. Toilets can overflow for several reasons, including vandalism/destruction of toilet components or general malfunctions. Either way, if left unattended, it will result in water damage! 

3) Leaking Pipes – Nothing wrecks havoc on business-like flooding caused by broken or leaking pipes. If you’re renovating your washrooms, you should always replace plumbing fixtures rather than repair existing ones first. In a way, there’s no risk of something unexpectedly failing at the worst possible time.

4) Broken Shower Heads – Another primary culprit is water damage in washrooms. Depending on the type of business you operate, people may be wetting themselves with either very hot or freezing water for quite some time during their showering experience! Therefore, it’s important to replace broken or missing shower heads so that everyone can enjoy a temperature-regulated shower. 

5) Leaky Tubs – Some businesses have tubs in their bathroom facilities, especially hotels and motels. While most people take showers now instead of baths, it doesn’t mean that they won’t try to use your hotel’s jacuzzi bathtub at some point! Not only do these create an opportunity for water damage from leaks, but they also pose the risk of slipping and falling.

6) Frozen Pipes – Businesses located in colder regions where extreme winter weather is a common occurrence should be especially mindful of taking preventative measures against frozen waterlines. Sometimes, even an insulated cover on the exterior pipe isn’t enough to keep it from freezing. It can cause severe structural damage to your building and potential water damage if left unattended! 

7) Pipe Breaks/Leaks in Walls or Floors – This type of breakage requires immediate attention no matter what time of year it occurs. If you’re dealing with this kind of situation, please do not wait until regular business hours before trying to fix it! You can find professional water damage restoration services available 24/7, especially in the Austin area where we’re based.

Keep these causes of commercial water damage in mind to help protect your business from costly repairs and unnecessary downtime. For more information on preventing flooding, please contact us today.

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