6 Common Places where Mold Can Grow in a Home.

6 Common Places where Mold Can Grow in a Home

Molds are fungi that grow naturally in our environment, indoors and outdoors. 

Mold needs two things to start growing in your home. First, it requires the right temperature and water. So, what are some of the most common places where mold can grow inside a house?

  1. Bathrooms are one of the most common areas where mold grows due to their high moisture content. In addition, mold can grow from a small leak under your sink or behind the walls if they are not adequately vented.
  2. Kitchens – mold can grow in kitchens from leaking pipes, even ones you don’t immediately see. Mold can also grow on bad food and isn’t thrown out.
  3. Basements – basements tend to be damp areas that can quickly cause mold growth if there is a water leak of some kind going on nearby. It’s important to ventilate basements to avoid mold growth properly.
  4. Around windows – windows tend to let in moisture from the outside air, especially during warm months when they are kept open for extended periods. As a result, it can increase humidity indoors which is better suited for mold than humans. Please make sure the window panes themselves are clean, too, since a dirty surface makes it easier for mold spores to grow on their surfaces.
  5. Closets – even if nothing is stored inside them, closets can still trap moisture year-round which will cause mold to form over time. 
  6. Crawl spaces – crawl spaces can be prone to having high humidity levels, especially during the spring and summer months when they receive increased amounts of direct sunlight. Although you may think that mold doesn’t grow in such low-temperature environments, it can still grow and spread its spores there too! Therefore, it’s best not to keep any items down there that you don’t want to be covered in mildew later on down the road unless they’re stored inside something like plastic containers or sealed with tape or cellophane wrapped around them.

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