Water Mitigation

A flood or any other disaster involving water is the process of minimizing damage to a property caused by water.

Austin Water Damage

When it comes to water damage mitigation in Austin, our company is the best choice. 

Various types of water

According to the IIRC, commercial and residential buildings are affected by three different types of water. 

Clean water

It is considered category one water when it comes out of a broken or dripping faucet or from a tap. This water contains no harmful bacteria or chemicals. The floor, however, will be impacted by the water when it reaches the drywall, wooden floors, and carpets in the area. 


You can consider the water from your washing machine category two because it has harmful bacteria. It would be best to avoid dealing with this kind of water on your own and to call one of our experienced technicians for help.


Categorized as category three water, this is water that is contaminated with harmful viruses and bacteria or clogged drains. The authorities and health specialists recommend avoiding splashes from such water as even a tiny drop can irritate the skin, leading to terminal illnesses for those who come into contact with it.

Leak repair

In water damage mitigation, the first step is to repair the leak or stop the flowing water that caused the damage. If water is causing damage to the property regardless of the building location, the first and foremost thing you need to do is stop its flow. We will begin providing mitigation services as soon as possible. Additionally, we can repair leaks and open clogged drains to protect you and your property from the consequences of leaks and drains. 

Assessment and analysis

All mitigation processes depend on the next step. Our technicians analyze the situation and provide a comprehensive damage mitigation plan to mitigate collateral damage on your property and provide procedures for minimizing the water damage on your property.

Water extraction

To stop the water spread, you have to remove all the water inside the building with industrial-grade pumps and robust tools. There is a possibility of preventing collateral damage and destroying valuables inside dry walls and floors.


In the evening, the next step is to sanitize the area with powerful, safe, and effective chemicals after removing all valuables and water from the site. To provide you with the best protection against viruses, we use safe material for human and pet consumption yet strong enough to kill germs and bacteria. 

Drying process 

Our technicians use a moisture detector and powerful heater to detect every moisture trace to remove hidden water molecules that can lead to swelling in mold or mildew creation. Keeping your residential or domestic property safe is one of our professional processes.

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