Water Leaking from Ceiling

Austin Water Damage

We’re the obvious choice for water leak remediation in Austin. We stay on top of the competition in the industry with our expert analysis and efficient plans. We have been providing remediation services in the area for the past ten years, and our responsiveness to customers has allowed us to become the industry leader in remediation services. 

Water leak remediation process:

If you receive a water leak, you are responsible for repairing any damage caused. Below are the steps to repair any damage:

Swift response and repair

To correctly resolve a water leak, our expert technicians need to be able to respond quickly to your location. To mitigate the damage as soon as possible, we are prepared to respond immediately. Damage to the property occurs when a pipe leaks or an appliance breaks, and we instantly turn off the water flow when it reaches the property. 


It is essential to clean the leak area to prevent further damage to your property. To remove all water from the facility and clean it, we use industrial-grade pumps and tools. We also unclog any clogged drains obstructed by debris. 


The next step will be the drying process, which is a process that will consist of removing all the hidden water molecules from the porous areas of the material. Our processes and methods use innovative tools and techniques to look for water molecules hidden within dry walls, floors, and subfloors. It is one of our latest tools to identify areas within a structure that may have soaked up water and could lead to swelling and mold or mildew development in the future. Our goal is to save the property from such events in the future with our lasting measures. To clean the facility, we use powerful but safe air scrubbing and very powerful heaters that are very safe to use. 


Cleaning and drying cannot fix damage caused by water. Chemicals at our facility are safe for human and pet consumption, but they are harsh on harmful bacteria and germs. In addition to sanitizing floors and dry walls, chemical cleaners are used on washable items to thoroughly clean and sanitize them.


After all of the salvageable items in the facility have been damaged by water, the next step is to repair them. Water permanently damages salvageable items, so improving them is next. 

We minimize damage to valuables, stocks, drywall, and floors through our damage mitigation procedure. The use of scientific methods and modern technology combined with more than a decade of experience had enabled us to restore most salvageable items to their former glory before water damage caused the building to sustain water damage. 


As a final step, the owner can place all the repaired precious items and inventory so that it appears there has been no damage to the building and everything is as it was before it was damaged by water. In the past decade, we have won the hearts of people in Austin with our scientific methods and modern tools to restore the building.

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