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There is nothing more uninviting than walking into a house and smelling stale smoke, especially if you are a non-smoker. If you don’t smoke, it’s possible that a prior resident did. Our article will show you how to rapidly remove smoke odor from a house and its contents. 

The amount of cleaning required depends on how long the smoker was on the premises and how frequently they smoked. Third-hand smoking is the source of the odor. It can appear to linger in unexpected places, such as furniture, drapes, and clothing, as well as on the walls themselves. However, by following this advice, you will eliminate the smell of smoking in your home permanently. We’ve outlined some simple procedures and goods and resources that can assist you.

  1. Make A Smelly Air Out

Don’t underestimate the value of some plain old fresh air! If your house smells smoky inside, open all the windows and place a portable fan in front of the larger ones with the blades blowing outward to remove the smoky air. If feasible, keep this up for the entire day. Set smoke-damaged furniture, books, and daily clothes in the sun for several hours to help neutralize smells. 

If it’s mainly sunny and hot outside, air that smoke-plagued antique shawl or embroidered cushion in a dark area because direct sunlight can harm or fade delicate or colored textiles.

  1. Use Baking Soda

Another natural odor-absorber is baking soda. Generously sprinkled Baking soda over furnishings, carpets, or other surfaces. Spread a couple of cups of baking soda around the place over many nights to absorb odors.

Fill a large plastic trash bag halfway with baking soda, add the smoke-damaged items, and tie the bag shut for textbooks, small decoration pieces, and difficult-to-wash clothing. Allow at least eight hours for the powder to settle before dusting or shaking off your belongings.

  1. Use Natural Vinegar

White vinegar is another harmless home essential that eliminates unpleasant scents like smoke rather than just cover. Its low pH attacks the higher-pH smoke molecules, causing them to change just enough to mask their odor. 

Don’t worry; the vinegar’s disagreeable odor will naturally diminish once it has dried. Cook a pot of vinegar on the stove for an hour or two to speed up the process. Steam dispels the smoke odor by wafting across the air.

  1. Use Activated Charcoal

Charcoal’s carbon molecules chemically trap odors, removing them from the air. While utilizing grilled briquettes in a pinch, activated charcoal increases porosity and absorption power, not dangerous chemicals. Activated charcoal products are commonly packed in tiny cloth or burlap sacks and marketed as smoke or odor eliminators at most home improvement stores.

  1. Use Ozone Generators

Ozone generators are devices on the market that may assist in decreasing or even eradicating smoke odor in your home. However, keep in mind that while these pricey treatments will help to reduce the stink, they will not wholly eliminate it if the odor has spread to the carpets, draperies, and furniture.

  1. Repaint the Home

If everything else fails, repainting the whole interior and replacing the flooring is the last resort for eliminating smoke odor from a property. If smoke residue remains on the walls and ceiling despite your best efforts, use a stain and odor inhibiting primer from covering it up.

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