North Austin Water Flood Damage

Repairing water damage in commercial and residential properties is of utmost importance. A property is more likely to experience swelling and mildew growth down the road if technicians fail to follow professional procedures. Water molecules will cause damage to the property in the future if the technicians do not mitigate the damage in the present. If you wish to reduce the effectiveness of current damage mitigation while at the same time protecting your property from hidden molecules, we are the team to call. 

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Call us for the most advanced technicians in town to begin the water damage repair process. By reaching your location in the shortest time possible, we render the services in the most sophisticated way. You do not need to wait for hours at night. As soon as our technicians arrive at your location, they immediately reduce the damage and restore the property as efficiently and effectively as possible. 

Planning for assessment 

Our experts evaluate the damage at your location and devise a water damage repair plan based on their keen observations. We divide and distribute tasks among our experts as part of the plan. This plan is also shared with the owner to inform them about the process and its costs. By the end of the plan, you will know exactly how our technicians will restore your property after it has been damaged. 

Preventive measures

Preemptive measures protect our people from water and electricity damage and our inventory. On arrival at your building, we turn off the main water supply and close all the valves. The appliances are protected from short circuits, and people are protected from electrocution. 

Getting rid of water

Before starting the actual process, we needed to complete the abovementioned steps. If debris has obstructed any drains, we will attempt to unclog them. Our industrial-grade pumps and working drains make water removal in the press very easy. In cases where the building might not be able to get live electricity due to a high level of water, we have gasoline generators that can motor our suctions pumps. 

Dehumidification and drying

Using modern tools by our technicians, determine if there are water molecules hidden in the porous area after removing all warts. Then, we use modern tools to identify the areas that might contain water molecules that will cause welling or mold in the future. To keep your inventory safe and secure, we use robust and safe heaters that vaporize all water molecules hidden in your inventory. 

Water damage restoration 

Using modern tools and a professional approach, our technicians fix everything that water is damaged when there is no water on or inside the surface. As a result, we work hard to restore the facility as best we can, ensuring that you receive the best care available.

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