How Sewer Water Can Affect My Health

Sewer water does not come from drinking or other healthy water. Instead, it may be why it can affect people’s health in the wrong way. Sewer water is the water that comes out of our toilets and other places too. Still, the dirty water usually passes through the sewers, which collect all the waste from homes and businesses around a community.

How Can Sewer Water Affect My Health?

Even though sewer water may not look or smell dirty, it can still be terrible for your health. Sewer water is different than regular tap water because it passes through wastes and garbage cans to get to the treatment plants, where it gets cleaned before being sent out in public water supplies.

What Can Happen If I Drink It?

If you drink sewer water, it can cause several different diseases. Some of these diseases include typhoid fever, cholera, and dysentery. These diseases make you sick with diarrhea, abdominal pain, and sometimes a high fever. Some people may even die from drinking water that is not clean enough to drink.

How Sewer Water Can Affect HealthWhat Happens If I Get It on My Skin?

You should not get sewer water on your skin because you could become very sick. However, you should also be aware that even touching or accidentally swallowing some of this water may make you sick. Diseases you can get from sewer water include typhoid fever, cholera, and dysentery. 

What Are Some Other Health Effects?

There are many other health effects that you could have if you are around sewer water. These include vomiting, nausea, headaches, and stomach cramps. People who smell sewer water all the time complain about having a headache or getting nauseous for no reason at all.  

People Who Are More Likely to Be Affected by Sewer Water.

People who are more likely to be affected by sewer water drink it, swim in it, or contact it. Children playing outside with a lot of sewer water can get sick quickly because they may swallow some of it or breathe it in without covering their mouths and noses. Also, people working near sewers, like the workers at the treatment plants, might be more susceptible to getting diseases from touching or breathing this dirty water.

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