How Can We Help Speed The Repair of My Home or Business After a Storm or Flood

How Can We Help Speed The Repair of My Home or Business After a Storm or Flood?

In the wake of a storm or flood damage, it can seem as if there are no good options. You have to choose between dealing with mold and mildew or working with an insurance company that may not be willing to cover losses. 

With all these choices, how can you make sure your home is repaired quickly? Fortunately for you, the following tips will help speed up the process: 

  1. Remove as much water as possible. Removing as much water as possible from your home is important. In fact, most insurance companies require the home to be dried out before moving forward with repairs. 
  2. Place all items in the affected areas on the flooring’s woodblocks. 
  3. Carefully remove your home’s (or office’s) baseboard and drill large quarter-size holes in the unpainted areas to allow air to circulate and begin to dry the walls. 
  4. Remove any sensitive moisture things (computers, furnishings, artwork, and so on) to an area that the water hasn’t harmed. 
  5. Follow up with an insurance adjuster about your claim status. You can ask for more information on when your claim is expected to be processed and how long it should take if there are any items that need to be replaced. 
  6. Keep receipts on file for materials purchased after your claim is submitted. Not only does this make it easier for the insurance company to reimburse you, but it also helps speed up repairs.
  7. Contact a restoration company and hire them to help with repairs and clean-up after your storm or flood. This may be the best decision for your family and home. 

As a property owner, when faced with flood or storm damage, and can’t get into your home or office, call the experts at Austin Water Damage. We know how important it is to return to normal as quickly as possible. That’s why we offer 24-hour emergency service, day or night. And with our certified technicians, we guarantee that everything will be done right and professionally.

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